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      «Ekotep» LLC was founded in 1993, and is one of the leading distributors of consumable materials for media and packaging markets in Ukraine. Well organised and balanced range of products allows us to work with the largest media publishing and packaging manufacturers in every region of Ukraine.

       «Ekotep» LLC offers a complete range of consumables for pre-press, press and post-press, providing professional service and technical support to our customers.
      Constantly considering trends of the media publishing and packaging printing market  we look forward to new opportunities. Constant professional growth of our staff allows us to make accurate predictions to the changes in the Ukrainian media and packaging markets, offering the necessary consumable materials.
 We are interested in  long term business cooperation with our partners .
Company's range of consumable materials:

  • Uncoated papers
  • Label papers
  • Coated papers
  • Paperboards
  • Offset printing plates (digital and analog) and the processing chemicals
  • Photo processing films and chemicals
  • Offset blankets
  • Printing inks, varnishes and chemicals
  • Post-press materials

Constantly expanding our range of consumable materials.

For your inquires please contact us:

12 Pyasetskogo st. Lviv Ukraine 79040
tel. +380 32 295 55 70 (71,72)
fax +380 32 295 54 68

Наш адрес: Украина, г.Львов ул.Пьясецкого 12
тел/факс.(032) 295-55-70(71, 72); 295-54-68(69, 70, 71).
e-mail: mail@ecotep.com.ua
Харьковское представительство: 61037, м.Харків, пл. Востания 7/8(корпус В-4), оф 48
тел/факс. (057)728-23-00(02); e-mail: kharkiv@ecotep.com.ua